About Liberia

Located along Africa’s west coast, Liberia is the continent's oldest republic and has the population of nearly 4.2 million people. After years of civil war, the country is slowly rebuilding, but one of the biggest challenges it faces today is the lack of intentional educational interventions. Schools are underfunded, classrooms are crowded, and most families cannot overcome the many barriers that block them from having ac-cess to quality education for their children.

Approximately 60% of children drop out of school before finishing primary school and those that do graduate are often promoted to the next grade level without the skills and learning needed for continued success.

As a result of the lack of funding, most schools can’t afford to offer focused attention to the learning and development processes of their students. The children in these communities are often overlooked, failing to achieve the necessary academic benchmarks.

This has resulted in high rates of under-achievement, The story behind our stories low self-esteem, less interest in education, and high drop-out rates within our target communities.

In Liberia, the children need programs and resources that will help them to begin building a culture of learning and education. The Center for Leadership Development Initiative seeks to provide some interventions through integrated afterschool programs, Summer Camps, etc., within the slum communities of Monrovia.

Facts to Consider

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