How to Share Our Vision 3-5 Minutes

I heard about this life-transforming organization called the Center for Leadership Development Initiative–CELDI and it is involved with children and youth development programs. You can find out more about it by browsing its website: and Facebook page: It is unique because it exists to raise up a new generation of servant-leaders in Liberia through:

Christian Education
Youth Leadership Development
Girls’ Empowerment
Career/Guidance Counseling
After School & Summer Camp Programs

The organization is designed and devoted to intentionally equip children and young people from vulnerable/slum communities to help them transform themselves, their communities, and the nation-Liberia through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It shall operate a center out of which all of its ministries shall be carried out.


Our Mission

We exist to “Change Liberia … one child at a time by developing children from vulnerable communities, breaking the circle of poverty through Christian education, and raising up a new generation of servant leaders who will proactively transform and serve their communities with distinction and fear for God.

You are very welcome to share this information with as many persons and organizations as possible. Thank you for your willingness to partner with us in sharing our vision and mission. May God bless you. Peace!!!