Our Mission 

We exist to change Liberia … one child at a time by developing children from vulnerable communities, breaking the circle of poverty through education, and raising a new generation of servant leaders who will proactively transform and serve their communities with distinction.


Our Vision

We envisage a new generation of proactive servant-leaders with the commitment to develop others, build stronger communities, cultivate a quality educational system, and create a culture of academic excellence among underprivileged children.

Our Goal

To improve the quality of education, leadership development, and girl’s independence of underprivileged children and youth who attend our afterschool and summer camp programs, building their abilities to improve their chances of continuous development as they transition from one stage of live to the other. 


By December 31, 2020, CELDI-Liberia will have completed the establishment of six (6) new after-school campsites to provide quality education, leadership, and girls’ support to 600 underprivileged children and youth in and around Monrovia.


Our Objectives

At the end of December 31, 2023, CELDI-Liberia will have increased the rates of graduation, leader-ship abilities, and girls’ independence of under-privileged children and youth in CELDI’s after-school and summer camp programs from 33% to 85%. 


By December 31, 2023, there will be a significant decrease in the rate of school drop-outs, poor lead-ership, and girls’ dependence among underprivi-leged children and youth.