Meet One of our Student Mentors: Princess Jackson

Princess ????????????????????????????????????Jackson is an eighteen-year-old native of Liberia, from one of the southeastern tribes—the Kru, and an 8th-grade student. She is the second child of 7 children, all of whom depend on a single mother to survive. She lived in one of the densely populated slum communities of Monrovia—Peace Island.

As a teenager, living in a poverty stricken country like Liberia, Princess would have been one of the many young girls prostituting in order to survive due to the lack of adequate parental supervision and available resources to serve her needs. However, her story is quite unique and interesting. In spite of her desperate condition, Princess told us during our conversation with her that she vowed to live counter-cultural and to pursue her dream of education.

When we heard her story, we quickly contacted her mother and expressed our desire to work with Princess in our afterschool program. In response, her mother, who was very sick that day, and could barely talk, told my wife and me that our desire to work with Princess was a timely answer to her prayers.

After our meeting with Princess’ mother, we invited Princess for dinner and shared our desire to work with her. She responded with excitement and wanted to know more about CELDI Of course, we were quick to share with her what CELDI is all about.

Princess desires to become a role model for her siblings and other young people with-in her community. More than just a role model, she dreams of becoming a medical doctor someday. “I want to become a medical doctor to help the people who will be in desperate need of medical service,” says Princess.