About Our Child Sponsorship Program

You will break the circle of poverty when you sponsor a child. Most of CELDI-Liberia's kids are recruited into our After-school and other programs simply because they are from low income families, many of whom parents cannot afford to pay for their education and or other basic needs. Most of our kids and their parents are victims of the 14 years Civil War and the Ebola Virus Disease out break.  CELDI-Liberia's Child Sponsorship Program offers more than an opportunity to go to school. It provides for the following needs: tuition, school supplies (uniforms, books, and shoes) and a meal on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during our After-school program.

Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

FAQ 1: What it Means to Sponsor a Child?

Answer: The children sponsored through Urban Promise International (UPI)/CELDI-Liberia are underprivileged or less fortunate. They may have parents, but their parents cannot afford to provide for them due to extreme poverty. Many of these children have been under-fed and do not have access to their basic needs due to their parents’ desperate situation.  They are highly likely to abuse drugs, become prostitutes, and/or become arm robbers.  Without a support that gives hope, these children typically will have a bleak future, with little or no hope for a happy life.

Currently, there are so many underprivileged and less fortunate children in Liberia that CELDI-Liberia is constantly being asked to assist. Many of these children’s cases come to our attention through CELDI-Liberia’s After-school program, through parents of underprivileged children bringing their children to us and asking for help.  When this happens, CELDI-Liberia verifies the living standards of the child to confirm that they are truly underprivileged.​

We feel called to enroll any child in our Child Sponsorship Program who is in need financially, regardless of religion, gender, abilities, beliefs and background.  It is our belief that every child was created in the image of God.  As such, he or she has the ability to become a positive and productive citizen in the nation.

By sponsoring an underprivileged child, you will be giving them their first spark of hope for a better future through education. With a high school, vocational or university education, the children will be able to provide for themselves and their families and break the cycle of poverty.

FAQ 2: What Does Your Sponsorship Pay for?

Answer: Your sponsorshipof $33/month (or $396 a year) pays for so much more than just the tuition, school supplies(uniforms, books, and shoes).  Your generous donations will also ensure the child is treated well in school, have one mealonMondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during our After-school program.  Sponsorship funds also allow for each child to receive personalized quality homework assistanceand tutorialduring our after-school sessions, as well as free art, leadership, and character development classes.

As the children increase in their level of education, a higher percentage of sponsorship funds will apply toward school fees and less toward the child’s personal care and growth.  

FAQ 4: Will I sponsor an actual child?

Answer:Yes.  As a Child Sponsor you have two options.  If you see a child who speaks directly to your heart, you can sponsor that specific child and communicate with him/her if you choose.

However, we can also pair you with a new child who is in our Child Sponsorship Program who does not have a sponsor.

Either way, we will ensure that you receive a profile of your child, photos, and regular updates.

This will allow you to connect with your sponsored child and to establish a friendship that will carry a special meaning for you both.

We will always do our best to connect you with a specific child, but please be aware that extenuating circumstances may mean that a child has to leave the program. If that happens, you'll be notified immediately and we'll connect you with another child.

FAQ 5: How will my sponsorship donation be used?

Answer:Our experience has taught us that the most effective way to help children is by combining your sponsorship with those of other sponsors and donors – rather than just giving it directly to your sponsored child.  This ensures that all of the children in CELDI-Liberia’s Child Sponsorship Program will benefit from your support and our programs.

Rest assured, however, that your sponsorship donation will be spent only on education and food costs, staff, teachers, uniforms and other expenses directly related to child-care. Nothing goes to overhead.

FAQ 6: Why should I sponsor with UPI/CELDI-Liberia?

Answer:Because the UPI/CELDI-Liberia method works.  We are successfully helping underprivileged children from slum communities get a fresh start in life and escape the circle of poverty.  In a place where most kids drop out before 6th grade, it is our goal that 100% of the sponsored children go on to graduate from high school.Sponsoring with UPI/CELDI-Liberia will give a child hope for a new life.

FAQ 7: How long will my sponsorship last?

Answer:Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution.  You choose how long you are able to help a child.

FAQ 6:  Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Answer:If our Sponsor FAQ and Answers did not provide the information you need to decide, please contact us. Use our contact form to submit any questions not answered in our Sponsor FAQ.

Not able to be a sponsor?  We understand.  We can also direct your help to our Afterschool or Summer Camp Program.

FAQ 8 What will you receive?

Answer: The sponsorship program offers regular updates on your child from their program director as well as direct communication from your sponsored child.

Throughout the year we provide four formal updates and will facilitate informal communication between sponsor and child.

March: You'll receive a ministry update from the program your child attends. This will help you learn a bit more about UPI's work on the ground and paint a broader picture of what your sponsored child experiences while at camp.

June: As the school year wraps up, you'll get a letter from your program director sharing about how your sponsored child performed in school, updates about your child's home life, and what they'll be focusing on with that specific child.

October: School has started and after-school camps are back in session! This month, you'll receive a letter and drawing from your sponsored child.

December: It's Christmas time! You'll get a special something in the mail from your child to celebrate the season.


Several times a year, you’ll have the opportunity to send your child a letter or small package. It's definitely not required, but it's a great way for the child to get to know you and learn more about life in the U.S.

To make the most of your letters, please follow these guidelines: 

    • Write plainly and clearly.  
    • Write about things your child will understand, such as family, pets, hobbies, sports, etc.
    • Encourage your child to work hard in school and further their education.
    • Please do notask your child if there is anything he/she need or desire.  We will communicate any needs to you directly. 
    • Send photos of yourself with your family, pets, and surroundings.
    • To ensure your privacy and safety, do not include your last name, address, email or  phone number.

If you would like to use CELDI-Liberia’s Letter template, please click here

You will also have the opportunities to participate in a trip to visit CELDI-Liberia and meet your sponsored child (sponsorship fees do not cover travel expenses).

If you’re sending a package, please make sure that it will fit inside a one-gallon Ziploc bag.


All payments are tax-deductible and receipts are available for U.S. and Canadian donors.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please visit our  SPONSOR A CHILD PAGE to choose the child you would like to sponsor and set up your sponsorship online.

Giving options are clearly listed on our child sponsorship page: https://www.urbanpromiseinternational.org/sponsorship

You can either opt in for a recurring monthly donation or a one-time payment for the year. If you choose to give monthly, please do not forget to check the box which states: show my support by making this a recurring donation.

Check donations:

If mailing a check would be more convenient, then all donations can be sent to the following address:

UrbanPromise International

c/o Sponsorship Program

P.O. Box 156

Pennsauken, NJ 08110

If your circumstances have changed and you're no longer in a position to provide sponsorship, please contact us and we can help you find other options or navigate you through the cancellation process.

There are often opportunities for a sponsor to support their child for years, sometimes even through high school and college. If your child transitions out of your current sponsorship tier, we'll contact you and see if there's interest in continuing to support your child through the next chapter in his or her life.

You will be contacted by a UPI/CELDI-Liberia representative to discuss your sponsorship ASAP when you make a decision to sponsor a child! Thank you for your support!

Do you want to sponsor a child?