Every person in the world has the ability to make a difference in the life of a child.  Together we can put an end to the cycle of poor education, poor leadership, and poverty in order to help build a greater future for every child.
You are welcome to join CELDI-Liberia in this endeavor.





The Center for Leadership Development Initiative, Liberia (CELDI-Liberia) is a children and youth development organization that focuses on the educational, leadership, spiritual, and social developments of underprivileged children and youth from slum communities in Liberia. We seek to provide interventions in education because a “significant number of children drop out of school before finishing primary school and those who do graduate are often promoted to the next grade without the skills and learning needed for continued success. This has resulted in high rates of underachievement, low self-esteem, less interest in education, and high drop-out rates within our target communities.”


We exist to change Liberia … one child at a time by developing children from vulnerable communities, breaking the circle of poverty through education, and raising a new generation of servant leaders who will proactively transform and serve their communities with distinction.






To improve the quality of education, leadership development, and girl’s independence of underprivileged children and youth who attend our afterschool and summer camp programs, building their abilities to improve their chances of continuous development as they transition from one stage of live to the other. 


By December 31, 2020, CELDI-Liberia will have completed the establishment of six (6) new after-school campsites to provide quality education, leadership, and girls’ support to 600 underprivileged children and youth in and around Monrovia.

At the end of December 31, 2023, CELDI-Liberia will have increased the rates of graduation, leader-ship abilities, and girls’ independence of under-privileged children and youth in CELDI’s after-school and summer camp programs from 33% to 85%. 

By December 31, 2023, there will be a significant decrease in the rate of school drop-outs, poor lead-ership, and girls’ dependence among underprivi-leged children and youth.


We offer a variety of programs to the children we serve, including:
  1. 160 kids served
  2. Reading, Tutoring, Art
  3. Character/Spiritual Development
  4. Feeding program
  1. 230 kids served
  2. Field trips, recreation
  3. Character & spiritual formation
  4. Feeding program
  1. Coming up soon
  2. Targeting 25 children
  3. Education 
  4. Living expenses
  1. 12 Student Mentors served
  2. Job skills training
  3. Mentoring
  4. College prep

CELDI-Liberia runs a 10-month afterschool program every academic year that provides quality education, spiritual, and social formation for  underprivileged children in Liberia.   Learn more or Donate Now.

We also run a Summer Camp program once every year for underprivileged children in Monrovia, Liberia.  You can learn more or  Donate Now

CELDI-Liberia runs a Student Mentor (job training) program for teenagers in its afterschool and summer camp programs.  You can learn more or  Donate Now

CELDI-Liberia provides one full meal for every child who comes to our afterschool program every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  You can learn more or  Donate Now

 Core Values


Nurturing hope in vulnerable children 


Sharing Love with the underprivileged


Developing children into disciplined leaders  


Breaking the circle of poverty through education 


Daring to raise up a new generation of servant leaders

Some Facts to Consider About Liberia

Liberia is a country on the West Coast of Africa



“Before I joined CELDI I used to lie and never used to like studying my lessons. I used to stay hungry the whole day at school. But since I have joined CELDI, I like school because I now understand my lessons. I eat every day at camp and have fun with my friends. I am very thankful to you for starting this program. I am sure you started it because you were thinking about us. Thank you for your support. We appreciate you.”  

˜Marpeor B.˜ CELDI Afterschool Program Participant




Donations can be made to Urban Promise International (UPI) at

P.O Box 156 Pennsauken, NJ 08110

Or online by clicking on the  "Donate Now" button above.

UPI is a 501(c)(3) organization. It shall receive all donations and issue receipts on behalf of CELDI.  Note: All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your willingness to support our desire to develop and equip underprivileged children and young people. Be assured that your donations will help us to give a child the future he or she deserves.



People called to effect change

E. Alfred Walker

Executive Director

Christiana O. Davies

Camp Coordinator

Camp Freedom

Josephine B. Walker

Camp Coordinator

Camp Hope