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Changing Liberia ... one child at a time.

We have the abilities to make a difference in the life of a child, his/her family, village, and community.  Together we can put an end to the cycle of poor education, poor leadership, and poverty. We can help build a great future for every child.


Mission Statement

We exist to “Change Liberia … one child at a time by developing children from vulnerable communities, to break the circle of poverty through Christian education, and to raise up a new generation of servant leaders who will proactively transform and serve their communities with distinction and fear for God.
Afterschool Program

CELDI runs a 10-month after school program every academic year that provides quality homework and tutorial assistances, lunch, classes on reading, math, Bible, and art & craft for underprivileged children in Liberia.   You can sponsor a child in this program @ $33 per month and a Student Mentor @ $50 per month.  Learn more or Donate Now

Feeding  Program

CELDI-Liberia provides one full meal for every child who comes to our afterschool program every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  As we serve the needs of underprivileged children, the issue of hunger cannot be ignored.  There are children who go to school hungry every single day.  This is not a choice for them.  They go to school hungry only because their parents cannot afford to get them breakfast or lunch.  You can make a donation toward this cause to help a child gets one full meal between school and home.   Donate Now

Student Mentor Program

CELDI runs a Student Mentor program for its afterschool and summer camp programs. This program is intended to provide guidance for the children in CELDI's programs, both at camp and within the communities.  Also, our mentorship program helps to build the skills of the mentors academically, socially, morally.  They are also prepared in other life's skills.  You can sponsor a mentor in this program @ $50 per month.  Learn more or  Donate Now

Summer Camp

CELDI runs a Summer Camp program once every year for underprivileged children in Liberia.   This program offers the following activities: breakfast and lunch, devotion, Christian games, field trips, leadership development, etc.  You can sponsor a child in this program @ $33 per month and a Student Mentor @ $50 per month.  Learn more or  Donate Now

Scholarship Program

CELDI-Liberia scholarships for underprivileged children and youth from slum communities.  This program is intended to take the beneficiaries from substandard schools to a better school, one that will give them the quality of education they need in order to become a productive and God-fearing citizen for a better future.   Furthermore, we endeavor to meet the following needs (tuition, other fees, backpack, copybooks, text books, uniforms, footwear, lunch at school,  healthcare, and more) in order to help develop the beneficiaries' educational, social, moral, and leadership skills.  You can sponsor a child in primary school @ $25 per month, a teenager in middle school @ $35 per month, and a youth in high school @ $50 per month.  Donate Now


Children Served


Youth Employment


Staff Serving Children

CELDI Core Values

  Hope

Nurturing hope in vulnerable children 


 Love

Sharing Christ’s Love with the least of His brethren


 Discipleship

Turning children into disciples of Christ  

 Education

Breaking the circle of poverty through Christian education 

  Servant-leadership

Daring to raise up a new generation of servant leaders 


Testimonies From CELDI After School Program Participants 

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“CELDI has helped me to become a bold person. I am able to partake in class discussions without fear.  My grade points have improved greatly.” 

˜Mardea B.˜

“Before I joined CELDI I used to lie and never used to like studying my lessons. I used to stay hungry the whole day at school. But since I have joined CELDI, I like school because I now understand my lessons. I eat every day at camp and have fun with my friends. I am very thankful to you for starting this program. I am sure you started it because you were thinking about us. Thank you for your support. We appreciate you.”  

˜Marpeor B.˜

“CELDI has helped me to understand my lessons and this has made my grades improve in all subjects.  I used to like fighting but since I joined CELDI, my behavior is changing.  I no longer cheat people like I used to do with my friends.” 

˜Morris G.˜ 

Some Facts to Consider About Liberia

Liberia is a country on the West Coast of Africa

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