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Rev. E. Alfred Walker

Our Mission Statement

CELDI exists to develop and equip children and young people from vulnerable communities, to break the circle of poverty through Christian education, and to raise up a new generation of servant leaders who will proactively transform and serve their communities with distinction and fear for God.

Our Vision Statement

We envisage a new generation of proactive servant-leaders with the commitment to develop others and build stronger communities of faith.

Our Goals
To change Liberia ... one child at a time.
To raise up a new generation of servant leaders in Liberia.
To transform and redirect the minds of a new generation of children and young people with the Word of God.

Who we are

A team seeking to raise servant-leaders

The Center for Leadership Development Initiative (CELDI) is a live-transforming Christian organization that is involved with children and youth development programs aim at "Changing Liberia ... one child at a time."  CELDI is unique because it exists to raise up a new generation of servant-leaders in Liberia through Christian Education, Youth Leadership Development, Girls’ Empowerment, Career/Guidance Counseling, After School, and Summer Camps.

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What we do

Transforming lives through ...

Afterschool, summer camps, girls' empowerment programs, career counseling, etc., in the Fiamah Community, Monrovia, Liberia for 100 children and youth.  CELDI is designed and devoted to intentionally equip children and young people from vulnerable/slum communities to them transform themselves, their communities, and the nation-Liberia through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It operates a center out of which all of its ministries and programs are carried out.

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Some Facts to Consider About Liberia

Liberia is a country on the West Coast of Africa



The Center for Leadership Development Initiative (CELDI), runs afterschool programs in the Fiamah Community, Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia. This program is intended to assist children from underprivileged homes and vulnerable communities, find a safe environment in which they can spend the rest of their day after regular school. In this space, they are feed, tutored, and mentored in servant leadership skills.

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Student Mentor

The CELDI runs a student mentor program in the Fiamah community. This program was designed to provide middle and high school students (who are potential and emerging leaders) the opportunities to mentor children of grades 2-6, both at camp and within the community. In this program, we also provide mentoring opportunities for our Student Mentors in life and leadership skills.

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Summer Camp

The CELDI runs Summer Camps once every year for the children of the Fiamah Community from July-August. The purpose of our Summer Camp is to provide children and youth from vulnerable communities an opportunity to spend their summer/vacation break doing and learning meaningful things. During our Summer Camps, we provide our children with two meals (breakfast and lunch) daily, recreation activities, various learning opportunities, field trips, and so on.

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Meet Our Team of Support Staff

C Davies

Christina O. Davies, Camp Director


Cheeseman Bryant, Science & Discovery


Josephine B. Walker, Arts & Crafts


Raven W. Fensuar, Reading 

K Boe

Kalvin M. Boe, Recreation

A Travas

Andrew Travas, Bible & Recreation

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